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svn commit: r3 - in trunk/www: . images


Author timewinds
Full name Pavan Podila
Date 2005-11-16 07:14:08 PST
Message Author: timewinds
Date: Wed Nov 16 07:14:07 2005
New Revision: 3

   trunk/www/images/dotspect.png (contents, props changed)
Added image

Added: trunk/www/images/dotspect.png
Url: http://dotspect.tigr​is.org/source/browse​/dotspect/trunk/www/​images/dotspect.png?​view=auto&rev=3
Binary file. No diff available.

Modified: trunk/www/index.html
Url: http://dotspect.tigr​is.org/source/browse​/dotspect/trunk/www/​index.html?view=diff​&rev=3&p1=tr​unk/www/index.html​&r1=2&p2=trunk​/www/index.html&​r2=3
--- trunk/www/index.html (original)
+++ trunk/www/index.html Wed Nov 16 07:14:07 2005
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
     <li>Support for <i>execution</i> joinpoints with <i>before</i> advice</li>
     <li>Simple IDE for writing and testing aspects<br/><br/>
- <img src="images/dotspect.jpg"/>
+ <img src="images/dotspect.png"/>
         <p>[Note]: I had previously called this project NAspect but when hosting on tigris.org, I discovered
         that the name was already taken. I resorted to using the name <i>dotSpect</i>, which
         was suggested by a friend of mine.</p>

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svn commit: r3 - in trunk/www: . images timewinds Pavan Podila 2005-11-16 07:14:08 PST
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