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svn commit: r29 - trunk/www


Author timewinds
Full name Pavan Podila
Date 2006-01-16 21:25:17 PST
Message Author: timewinds
Date: Mon Jan 16 21:25:17 2006
New Revision: 29


Modified: trunk/www/index.html
Url: http://dotspect.tigr​is.org/source/browse​/dotspect/trunk/www/​index.html?view=diff​&rev=29&p1=t​runk/www/index.html​&r1=28&p2=tru​nk/www/index.html​&r2=29
--- trunk/www/index.html (original)
+++ trunk/www/index.html Mon Jan 16 21:25:17 2006
@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
 <div id="content">
-<a name="WhatIsDotSpect​"></a>
 <h2>What is DotSpect?</h2>
 <p>DotSpect (aka .SPECT) is an <a href="#" target="_blank">A​OP</a> implementation for the .NET platform. Its core features include:
@@ -39,7 +38,7 @@
         <li><strong​>Language-specifi​c</strong>: targets specific languages like C# or VB.NET through language extensions. Doesn't support other .NET languages.</a></li>
-DotSpect attempts to address these areas as described in the <a href="#WhatIsDotSpect">What is DotSpect?</a> section.
+DotSpect attempts to address these areas as described in the <strong>What is DotSpect?</strong> section.

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svn commit: r29 - trunk/www timewinds Pavan Podila 2006-01-16 21:25:17 PST
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